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We go beyond traditional media and communication strategies, we think innovation and creativity when fulfilling our clients' needs and artists' desires.

SAMAO specializes in socioeconomic, cultural and political issues in the Middle East- Gulf region. US-GCC and Europe-GCC foreign policies and international relations. We advise on public affairs, strategic communication, media engagement, campaigns, specialized training, research, art advisory, art engagement and expansion, and media studies. 

We are proudly supporting Women Empowerment and we are supporting Saudi Women Stories, a storytelling and educational platform for women in Saudi Arabia to tell their stories, share their interesting journeys to change and success, while, empowering women with the needed skills to highlight those tales in an attractive way and inspire other women worldwide and encourage them to discuss their issue together, help each other and find their common ground. 


SAMAO works in 3 languages: Arabic, English, and French  


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